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Custom Decks in Florida

Florida is known for it’s beautiful environment and scenery; plenty of homeowners have the pleasure of having a taste of this right in their backyard. A backyard deck is the perfect solution to enjoy this beauty in modern comfort. No one in the industry creates better looking, longer lasting, and more functional custom decks than Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida! Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida concentrates on developing custom made decks in the greater Tampa Bay area. From smaller private decks to full-sized decks perfect for family gatherings and parties, we are the first many turn too when they need a custom deck project complete. When we develop decks, we consider how it should reflect your specific lifestyle and needs; do you host large gatherings? Do you prefer smaller get-togethers? Or do you just want a small outdoor personal space? Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida can do it all with style!

Wood Decks

Wooden decks are valued for their rustic appearance and old charm. Wood as a material is also extremely cost efficient; you can add value to your home quickly without punching a hole in your wallet! While a little heavier on maintenance, wood more than makes up for it with its aesthetic quality and affordability.

Composite Decks

Composite materials are a mixture of reclaimed material (mostly different types of plastic) and wood and other organic fibers. This type of material is extremely weather-proof and is perfect for domestic homeowners that may not have the time or resources to maintain their decks. These deck materials are often backed by quality manufacturer warranties and have the added advantage of being resistant to fading. They are available in a number of colors and hues!

Deck Accessories

Decks are extremely flexible projects; there a deck accessory or addition for every homeowner out there!  Some of the following add-ons are the most popular with homeowners today:

Electronics: LED lighting, TV, and ceiling fans are just a few of the modern luxuries that can be incorporated into a deck design. Make your deck truly an extension of your home!

Covered Decks: Adding a roof or pergola is a great way to protect your deck from the elements. If you intend to add other accessories, either of these options if recommended as well. 

Benches And Bars: Give your outdoor gathering and parties a little extra flair with adding seating and bar options. Stock your own personal bar in your backyard and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather!

Our contractors are licensed and insured, as well as experts in their craft; let us bring our years of experience to your next project. Let Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida construct the deck of your dreams today!

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