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Docks – Decks Docks and Boatlifts of Florida


Custom Docks in Florida

Florida has some of the longest stretches of shoreline in the country, thus a lot of people living and working on the water are going to need docks built. No one in the industry creates better looking, longer lasting, and more functional boat docks than Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida. Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida concentrates on developing custom domestic and business boat docks in the greater Tampa Bay area. From personal docks to full-sized marinas, we are the first many turn too when they need work on marine boat docks. When we develop boat docks, we consider how your dock should reflect your specific lifestyle and needs. Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida’s team of experts will be on the project from start to finish; someone is always available to answer questions or provide information on the project! We offer a wide range of marine deck styles; no matter your taste or personal preference our team will have a design for you. When you select Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida for the job, you can rest assured knowing you have the best in the industry on your side. We have a brand for everyone, and a few of our selections include WearDeck ™, Trex ®, Lumberock ®, TimberTech ®, and Hi-Tide ®.

Different Dock Material Types

At Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida, we source the best decking material on the market when working on your marine boating deck project, we never cut corners in this regard. The following list of materials is just a taste of what we are able to offer.

Pressure-treated Wood Pilings and Decking: Wood has always been the premier construction material for docks. Nowadays, specially made pressure-treated wood products are an incredibly popular option for both domestic and commercial dock projects. It offers a hardy wood grain look which is a great compliment for the water backdrop. In addition to the visual appeal, pressure-treated wood dock planking is extremely cost-effective for consumers; this makes it especially popular among homeowners trying to implement a dock on a budget.

Composite Decking: Composite materials are a mixture of reclaimed material (mostly different types of plastic) and wood and other organic fibers. This type of material is extremely weather-proof and is perfect for commercial businesses that may not have the time or resources to maintain their docks. These docking materials are often backed by quality manufacturer warranties and have the added advantage of being resistant to fading. They are available in a number of colors and hues.

The Perfect Dock for You

A well built dock is a work of art; house guests will definitely have a few positive words for your new hand-built, state of the art, wooden dock. However, docks also serve a function purpose; asking yourself a few easy questions can help you to pinpoint what style and type of dock fits your needs the best.

You should consider things like: 

  • Your budget
  • Depth of water in the area you wish to build in
  • Does your area suffer from frequent storms?
  • Does your area see a lot of domestic boat traffic?
  • Can you allot time to maintain the dock?


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