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How Boat Lifts Work – Decks Docks and Boatlifts of Florida

How Boat Lifts Work

how boatlifts workIf you are in the marketplace for a new boat lift, or just interested concerning exactly how they function, we have compiled some standard details to enlighten you on boat craft lifts.

Drive Units

The drive unit acts as the transmission of the boat lift. As the drive shaft transforms it covers cable television onto the cable winder, relocating the cradle and bunks.


Cradles are the bottom most item of the lift and also extend the width of a boat lift. They are made of galvanized steel or aluminum. There is one cradle in the front as well as one in the rear. The cradles are what the cable televisions pull on to raise the boat. The cradles are what the wires draw on to raise the watercraft.

Guide Poles

The overview posts are readied to each watercraft especially. They are utilized to straighten the bottom of the boat with the bunks. They are white PVC pipelines attached to the cradle, and also when effectively set will delicately touch the side of the watercraft.

Top Beam

Most boat lifts that you see will have a top beam. The purpose of the top beam is to extend the weight of the watercraft between the pilings. It likewise has the drive systems as well as cable television winders affixed to it.


The cables leave the winder and also go to the cradles. As the cord winder is turned by the drive system, wire is covered onto the wire winder. This subsequently raises the cradle as well as bunks.

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