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Pergolas – Decks Docks and Boatlifts of Florida


Custom Pergolas in Florida

You just splurged on that dream patio for your backyard; finally a functional outdoor space for all your functions. BBQs, birthday parties, weekend tailgates, your patio can do it all. Until summer time comes, that is. The sweltering Florida heat often makes outdoor events nigh impossible during the peak daytime hours. Walling in your patio can defeat its purpose, as well cost a pretty penny. Why not compromise and add a beautiful pergola today!


What Exactly is a Pergola?


A pergola is simply an outdoor wooden structure that provides a semi-shaded area under it. It is made of a grid of wooden battens on four support columns; they are usually built over seating or entertainment areas. You can customize a pergola in a number of ways. You can work to seal the top completely so you are basically providing a roof for your area (one supported on four beams. Or you can add a touch of nature, such as vines and flowers on the top so that it provides more shade naturally.


Custom Pergola Projects


Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida is able to construct multiple types of pergolas. From the standard design of a pergola extending from a structure and being supported by four columns to something more specific and ambitious, let Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida and our professional contractors handle the job for you! 


As with all of our projects, we source only the highest quality product and materials for your installation! Every pergola is approached uniquely and our experienced contractors will optimize the final product for you; the pergola will stand and it will stand for a long time. Our contractors are licensed and insured, as well as experts in their craft; let us bring our years of experience to your next project. Let Decks Docks and Seawalls of Florida construct the pergola of your dreams today!